Earlier today (Wednesday) we met with the ambassador of Moldova – a small country that got it’s independence from Russia 23 years ago. It’s claim to fame, (also in the world book of records) is for having more wine stored in underground cellars than anywhere else in the world. These cellars are so big you have to drive through them! Was interesting to talk to someone who was brought up under Russian rule, speaks Russian, studied Russian law, and is now trying to help his country break away from the Russian mindset and be truly free in thought as well as independence. We talked about values and principles as a necessary foundation for lasting success. We’ll see where this will go in the future.

Next stop was with the Christian Union political party. They have a million votes out of 17 million people. Making their way. We then made our way to the hotel and the start of the economic summit. Quite a line-up of speakers from Australia, India, Switzerland, the U.K., Holland, Sweden, the U.S., Scotland, South Africa and West Africa and Canada 🙂 Participants included lawyers, architects, CEO’s, bank managers, doctors, businessmen and enough degrees to give us all a fever. We were the only ones from Canada, and I think the only ones without a degree! Interesting people, interesting topics, so much variety. Everything was in English as the common language with all the different accents, made us from the West realize we are just a small part of the world. They tackled a variety of topics all related to economics with the bottom line that we all need values as our base, thus the reason for us being here in such a gathering. Mike’s session was refreshing as he spoke in plain English, with enthusiasm, was relevant and with something that can be done. Values are  needed in every society, every country, every business and every person. Lots of work for Global Priority Solutions.

Off to Belgium tomorrow.